• The buildings of the IfG Leipzig - Südwerkbunker (left) and the Kauengebäude (right)

    The buildings of the IfG Leipzig - Südwerkbunker (left) and the Kauengebäude (right)

  • The rock mechanical laboratory of the IfG Leipzig

    The rock mechanical laboratory of the IfG Leipzig

  • Drilling cores of the Leine rock salt (Na3)

    Drilling cores of the Leine rock salt (Na3)

  • Dimensioning


  • Large-diameter borehole experiment in Springen

    Large-diameter borehole experiment in Springen

  • Modelling of a cavern

    Modelling of a cavern

  • Subsidence over a	cavitary field (modelling)

    Subsidence over a cavitary field (modelling)

Scientific work

The IfG Leipzig - Institut for Geomechanics GmbH - performs research on behalf of its own, of a client or of a third-party. Motivation and aims therefore are:

  • Development of innovative tools and approaches for existing or new problems, e.g. improvement of constitutive equations or development of new measurement and testing approaches
  • Project execution with respect to specific questions, e.g. barrier integrity of evaporites or clay
  • Cooperation in national and international research projects – mutual transfer of knowledge

Since 1990 more than 30 research projects are finished. The work priorities have moved from the underground disposal of toxic chemical wastes towards disposal of radioactive waste in different host rocks (salt / clay) and specific problems (e.g. site selection or assessment of impacts of gas generation in salt repositories):

Project- numberTopic / funding by/Project duration
Host rock characterisation
02E8241/ARock mechanics (ANTON)PT/VB1992-1995
02E8755Rock salt/Anhydrite/Salt clay (BARITON)PT/VB1995-1998
02E9158Barrier anhydrite (BARIAN)PT/VB1998-2001
02E9582Barrier anhydrite (BARIAN )PT/VB2002-2004
02E9874Argillaceous rock - hydromechanical properties of Opalinus clayPT/EU2004-2007
Underground disposal in bedded salt formations
02E8161/6Review of model conceptions saliniferous formationPT1991
02C0062Underground disposal in bedded salt (stage 1)PT1992-1995
02C0274Underground disposal in bedded salt (stage 2)PT1995-1999
02C0649Underground disposal in bedded salt (stage 3)PT2001-2002
Dynamic processes /development of constitutive material laws for carnallitite
02C0264Brittle fracture behaviour carnallititePT1995-1999
02C0639Long-term barrier stability /dynamicsPT2000-2001
02C0892Dynamical processes and bedding planesPT2002-2004
02C1264Barrier integrity: impact processes / modellingPT2005-2009
Analysis of backfill materials for engineered barrier systems in salt and clay repositories
02E9259Backfill / interaction host rock and temperaturePT/VB2000-2003
02E9904Salt bricks - characterisation/potentialPT/EU2004-2007
02E10659Bentonite-bricks - gas transport and HM-coupling FORGEPT/EU2009-2013
02C1234Magnesium oxychloride concrete - characterisationPT/VB2005-2007
02E10709MgO - building materialPT/BAF/UA2010-2014
02E11092GESAV - development of improved salt backfillPT/BAF/UA2013-2015
Conception of shaft- and drift closure systems
02C0516Shaft closure of underground repositoriesPT/K+S1996-2002
02C0547Drift closure systems in rock salt formationsPT/BAF1997-2004
02C0942CARLA I - basic concept drift dam in carnalititePT/GTS2003-2005
02C1204CARLA II - realisation drift dam in carnalititePT/GTS2005-2010
02E11193AELSA II - shaft sealing concepts in salt and clayPT/BAF/UA 2013-2015
Verification of constitutive equations in rock salt
02C1024Modelling rock salt - material laws (stage 1)PT/VB2004-2006
02E10256THMC for EDZ (MOLDAU)PT/EU2006-2009
02C1587Modelling rock salt - material laws (stage 2)PT/VB2007-2010
02E10830Modelling rock salt - material laws (stage 3)PT/VB2010-2016
Repository-site selection / exploration methods/ evaluation of geological processes
SR 2487Geological data basis for site selectionGolder/UA 2004-2006
SR 2555Requirements on exploration methodsGolder/UA 2006-2008
8636-8Glacial influence on the long-term integrity of radioactive waste repositoriesGolder/UA 2009-2011
-VSG - preliminary safety analysis GorlebenPT/VB2010-2013
Impact of repository gases in salt
SR 2470One-Site-Repository - gasfrac riskBfS2004-2007
3609R03222 Impact of repository gas formationBfS2009-2013



PT: project executing organisation Karlsruhe (BMWi); K+S:  K+S Entsorgung GmbH ; GTS: Grube Teutschenthal Sicherungs GmbH; Golder: Golder Associates GmbH, Celle; BAF: Bergakademie Freiberg; BfS: Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz

UA: subcontractor; VB: joint research project; EU: EU-project

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